For Honor – Kensei – Multiplayer Highlights

Free time is scarce, and I’ve chosen to spend most of it playing For Honor with my friends. Hah.

I’ve been playing as Kensei almost exclusively.
I feel he covers the areas that Nobushi struggles with, and Unblockable Top Heavy from “wall splat” is too good!

So, what you see here are whatever moments I’ve saved since For Honor’s release.

Oh, and excuse my voice…


– Dust


For Honor Open Beta – Nobushi – Duel Highlights

I really didn’t want to wait 2+ hrs to play For Honor @ EB Games Expo 2016.
Now, if I had known that it’d be up my alley, I might have!

The combat system plays great, similar to traditional fighting games in my opinion.
I’m really liking Nobushi’s moveset too.

With more time, I imagine the player level / skill rising exponentially.

Looking forward to For Honor’s release this week!

– Dust

SFG @ EB Expo 2016!

maxresdefault (1)

I’ve been busy for the last month (with good reason)…

BUT – I’ve got some good news!

We’re going to EB Expo 2016 – as members of the media!

Shoutouts to Jarrod from Connect PR for providing us with media accreditation.

We, David, Gerry and I, will be going as a unit, covering whatever we can at EB Expo.

See you guys there.

– Dustin

The Icons of Need for Speed


From what is understood of the upcoming Need for Speed game, to help create a mark within the in-game NFS universe, we can find a group of automotive experts for their assistance – otherwise known as “Icons”.

Funnily enough, these “Icons” are not fictional characters of the NFS universe.

They are actually a group of real-world individuals are held in high regard to those that follow today’s automotive culture.

Having strong interest in all things automotive, I thought I’d share my understanding of each icon you might come across, in the NFS universe, once the opportunity comes in less than a week from now. Continue reading