We’re going to EB Expo 2017!


Hah! The perfect excuse for a holiday!

Thanks to Jarrod @ Connect PR, once again, plugging us with some media passes
to cover EB Expo 2017!

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Battle Arena Melbourne 9 is this weekend!

It’s a Premier Event weekend in the world of competitive Street Fighter V.


One of Australia’s largest fighting game tournaments, held in the Melbourne Convention Centre, is where we will be this coming weekend.

If you’ve been following our social media, you might have noticed the occasional Twitch stream over the past few weeks. (Peep the highlight above!)

I’ve been prepping myself in the lead up to BAM9, with hopes of not going 0-2…

I’m both excited and nervous, being my first time interstate despite competing for close to 8 years now. Am I really competing if I haven’t been interstate? hah.

For more BAM9 info, click here!

– Dust

Tekken 7 Gaming Night by Bandai Namco AU & IGN

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Early access to Tekken 7 isn’t exactly new (s/o OzHadou’s York Street Battles), but Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray gracing us with their presence? No brainer.

As you might have guessed from the snaps, plenty of Tekken 7 stations, pizza, drinks and people packed within the Australian Bandai Namco HQ.

I’m not a big fan of Tekken’s slow release strategy, but as I had experienced @ Bamco HQ and many times before, I know the game will be incredibly solid come release.

I can’t wait for Tekken 7’s eventual release!

– Dust

World Time Attack Challenge 2016

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Something a little different.

World Time Attack Challenge 2016!

As you might not know, I’m very much into “car culture”, so attending WTAC 2016
was a must.

A superstar lineup of both national and international guests including the Drift legend himself – Keiichi Tsuchiya!

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get him to sign my Initial D IC Card…)

Automobiles aplenty. Some tearing up the asphalt in search of the “perfect lap”, others hard-parked for onlookers to drool over.

You just had to be there…
Good thing I was, because I took some pictures! Heh.


– Dustin

SFG @ EB Games Expo 2016

October is a good time of year to us.

The coming of spring; NRL grand finals, music festivals/concerts, and this year,
the sixth consecutive EB Games Expo.

Held at Sydney Showground, EBX has been the closest thing to a large scale,
video game convention (E3, TGS, etc.) the Australian community have come to see.

For years, EBX has provided attendees access to all things gaming;
showcasing upcoming, recent and past (retro) games, relative peripherals,
eSports competitions and other attractions.

This year was no different. Well, not entirely…

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