OzHadou Nationals 15


I honestly considered giving OHN15 a miss. Thankfully I did not.

Here’s #MyOHN.


Despite being a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, I didn’t care for it. I haven’t touched SFV since BAM9, so unless I prepped in advance, I was coming in cold.

It wasn’t until word got around that both Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Dragon Ball FighterZ were available for early access that I’d make time for OHN15.


I didn’t get a code to the recent DBFZ online beta, but thinking about it now,
I wouldn’t have had time for it, being at OHN15 for most of the weekend.

I only had a couple of hours with it, but DBFZ is gorgeous! As for gameplay, I’m not completely sold. Feels a bit on the “easy access” end.


On the other hand, MvCI felt great! The “active switch” mechanic makes for some crazy gameplay. Still looks like booty butt cheeks though…

Sadly, this does mark the end of the Australian UMvC3 era.
Didn’t exactly go out with a bang either. 5th place makes me the “4th loser” right?


No biggie. I’m coming in hot for MvCI.

FYI – Yes, I did enter SFV but my love for game has dwindled and so did my [1-2] performance. 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the remainder of the photos!

Until next OHN!

– Dust


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