Battle Arena Melbourne 9


You would think, being competitive, I’d have been to tournaments outside of Sydney, bar the one time I went to Canberra…

Well… There’s a first time for everything and spending a few days in Melbourne for a CPT Premier Event (along with some extra-curricular activities) sounded good to me.

Day 1

We arrived in Melbourne with a couple of hours to spare before the event would begin.


Check out our view!


After some quick eats, we made our way to the venue.


It wasn’t long before we found ourselves behind dozens of others attempting to enter the massive BAM9 hall…

By the time we made our way inside, registration and check-in for both the SFV 3v3 and Tekken 7 New Challengers tourneys had closed.

“Casual Play” would suffice.


A wild Marn ended with 40+ wins on the lone UMvC3 casual station, with several at my expense.

Day 2

If it were up to me, I would have slept in ’til my 2pm UMvC3 pool, but amongst us a 10am SFV pool was on the cards…


So, I made sure a Breadtop pit stop was made, before we headed in the direction of the venue and it’s surrounding attractions.


Once we set foot in the hall, it was time to go to work!

Unfortunately, the following hours would be short and sweet bitter, as a couple of us were knocked into spectator-mode earlier than expected.

2-2 in UMvC3
1-2 in SFV

Very poor performance…


I felt pretty good winning the first match of each, but I couldn’t keep my composure once I lost the match following.

Note to self; After losing, take a breather. Staying fixated on the loss won’t help either. Instead focus on the next match, and play without underestimation.


I was so bummed with myself that I didn’t bother to play much casuals for the remainder of the day.

Instead, I chose to scan the venue further than the Capcom area, before calling it a day’s end.


I did however, play a game against Xian at the Razer booth.
I was gifted a Razer flask for losing almost closing it against him.


Decided to drown my sorrows with some late night food (@ Shujinko) and drinks, before spectating the Sunday finals!

Day 3

There wasn’t much on the agenda.

For “spectator-mode” attendees like myself, Finals Day is an opportunity to appreciate top-level game play and the emotions that are exclaimed throughout.


After a hearty brunch (@ Higher Grounds), we made the effort of getting to the hall early to situate ourselves well within the Finals Day crowd.


That wasn’t before checking out Tekken 7’s Top 4 matches.
Most would agree that Bandai Namco’s huge efforts of bringing a few dozen Tekken 7 stations were not in vain. Arguably the most exciting finals that weekend.


Being a Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event, the majority of the spectators quickly made their way from Tekken to Street Fighter V. Saint and JDCR included. Rooting for Verloren I’m sure.


As Top 8 begun, couldn’t help but notice Taiwanese rep, Oil King and his outfit.
Custom Zowie tee and NikeID Air Max 1s, both with his gamer tag on heavy display? Hah.

Plenty of Ooo-ing, Aah-ing and Hyena-like squeeling carried on for the duration of
SFV’s Top 8.

I’d explain Top 8 to you, but a lot of the appeal would be lost in a wall of text.
A stream archive might help, but the energy and emotion?
That’s something you have to experience in person.


And talk about emotion

If there’s anything to mention, Verloren’s run to Grand Finals was scary stuff.
I feared for my picks (Bonchan and Tokido) each time he got close enough to “shimmy”.


Thankfully, Bonchan closed it out when others were in doubt – with Season 2 Nash!

People claimed that differentiating character specialists can be hard in SFV, but there was definitely some of Bonchan’s signature “bobbing and weaving” during that performance.

Then again, without Infiltration or Yukadon playing Nash, who’s there to differentiate from?


Soon after Bonchan’s win, we were told to exit the venue having passed the scheduled 6pm finish.

Somewhat anti-climatic, but what better time to squeeze in burgers (@ Royal Stacks) before the after-party?


We soon arrived at the BAM9 after-party, and the place was a packed house.

Can’t really blame anyone. Various games to be played with cheap drinks to be had.
All within a cool venue too.

Managed to put names to faces. New friends too, which is always a good thing.


Jiyuna talking some serious smack to the few of us was hilarious too.

Otherwise, a convenient way to spend our last night in Melbourne.
Probably would have ended up sleeping early, if we hadn’t known…

Day 4

As delicious as the food had been, it wasn’t exactly healthy.


It was really taking a toll on us at this point, but aside from not going 0-2 in SFV, eating at Crown’s breakfast buffet was high-priority.

We ended up Uber-ing to whatever locations followed, in fear of letting our bowels loose in the act of walking.


This included an Italian lunch with the remaining international and interstate players.
And yes, we ate here too.

Speaking of Italian, a fellow named Antonio would soon take us to the airport.
He was talking about some wild s**t. Probably gassed us up to get a 5 star rating…


Anyways, BAM9…

Sure, my performance was questionable, but the experience definitely outweighs it.

From stream monster-ing the Shadowloo Showdown era, as well as the end of QLD’s ButtonSmash, I’m thankful BAM9 made for a great interstate first!

CouchWarriors and whoever else behind BAM9 deserve loads of credit.
I’ve got little to no problems regarding my experience.
Thanks for making it a pleasant one!

I’m already thinking about what’s next!
(EB Expo in QLD sounds nice…)

Also, shoutouts to the day and age of AirBnB and Uber.
As well as that “Collin” kid for helping us while lifts were going through maintenance.

It’s been real Melbourne!

– Dust

Couch Warriors
Couch Warriors Stream
Capcom Pro Tour
Capcom Fighters Stream


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