Fresh Impressions – Battlefield 1

From the moment I saw the first trailer, followed by the game’s beta, I felt something great on our hands.

Bringing it to the destructive, horrific and brutal WWI; boy did they hit the mark.

“The war to end all wars” – obviously not the case, but Battlefield 1 is sure to give you chills.

Playing BF1, you can’t help feel the sobering effects that whilst this is a game and not historically correct, this happened over 100 years ago.

A mixture of blood curtailing cries, guns blazing and warplanes creating havoc, both the audio and visuals, really give you a sense for the “all out” war setting.


As of recent, FPS games have closely followed the modern and beyond (space) trends. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the decision to go to the past is a welcomed change of gameplay.

Without drones or high power/modern technology, a lot of history’s wars were fought close quarters.

With the bayonet being implemented in BF1, you can now find satisfaction in running straight for an enemy, for an intense, screaming melee attack.
Some of the other melee weapon actions are great too. Shoveling an enemy in the neck
for instance? So brutal.

You are also provided with an array of historically correct firearms – almost.

Automatic machines guns were introduced a little later, but I feel the addition was to make gameplay more appealing.


Favorite transport weapon – the cavalry.
Great when you’re on the move but prone to snipers as you can be quite a big target.
Use it correctly and you can clean up a whole squad.

Personally, I love using the Medic class for both the bolt action rifles, as well as
the satisfaction of reviving my team.

Unfortunately, some small bugs have hindered my initial experience with BF1.

Some well known from previous BF games, for example, vaulting over obstacles. Somewhat fixed post-beta, but I still find myself vaulting more often that I should.

I’ve also found if you are too quick to spawn to a plane, you may spawn to a plane
without weapons.
Other times, after being revived, I’ve been unable to aim down sights.
A quick (hopefully temporary) fix is to cycle to another weapon and back.

Small bugs but irritable enough to be mentioned.

The default controls aren’t exactly pleasing either.


Thankfully, through experimenting with the settings, I’ve found using USA
(Uniform Soldier Aiming) helpful. This makes aiming with both close range weapons
and long range sniper rifles for example, share the same sensitivity.
USA, added with heightened sensitivity to allow for quicker movement, feels pretty good for now; I’ll continue to adjust it to get it perfect.

Otherwise, I’m absolutely loving this game.

The game (so far) is awesome, graphically appealing (especially), and allows for both an intense and rewarding WWI-like, FPS experience.



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