Fresh Impressions – Playstation VR


Light, comfortable, immersive…

Playstation VR – the future of console gaming puts us straight into an immersive
world of fun, using 360° visuals, with the intention of making you feel one within
the game.

How did both the PSVR and I fair?


Off the bat, it felt incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to the light weight build, plastic shell, and soft foam pads on all head hitting areas.

Comfort is key for a headset of this nature, especially for long periods of play.

I think they’ve nailed it with the use of foam from the rear to the forehead, combined with the mechanical controls, to achieve perfect fitment.


However, there are an abundance of cables that complete the PSVR set up, so if you are going into VR with the perception of it being totally wireless, you will be disappointed.

Saying this, I know there are people out there that would get a complex out of the opportunity for cable management.


To those who are new to this, (and susceptible to motion sickness) you may feel a bit nauseous post-play, as I had on my maiden voyage into Virtual Reality.

Similar to what you may feel after a roller coaster.

Rest assured, once your senses become accustomed to what’s going on you will be able to have the incredible experience, as I did, on second play.


Out of the demos, Drive Club VR, RIGS and Head Master were among my favourites;
great inclusions, providing a fun, immersive experience, easing you into the VR world.

Unfortunately, the choice of PSVR launch titles are scarce and in my opinion, lackluster.

There’s nothing compelling enough for me to run into my local game store and purchase,
and especially not with the incredible titles on the horizon – BF1, CoD:IW and
Pokémon SM to name a few.


Overall, I’m extremely happy with the purchase and look forward to future PSVR games, specifically VR FPS titles to tickle my fancy.

I hope VR takes off and thrusts us into a new way of gaming.

– Murphs


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