NBA 2K17 – MyTeam Domination Tips


It’s been 5 days since Early Tip-Off, and I’ve been playing 2K17 heavy.

For the past few years, MyTeam is my go to mode.

The Domination game mode is a great (F2P) way to build a competent team before moving to Online Play.

Having recently finished Domination, I thought I’d provide newcomers or struggling
MT players, my own tips to achieving “Domination”.

The Lineup

NBA 2K17_20160920212925

Honestly, there isn’t much to the lineup.

There isn’t a strong need for Emerald or higher players. I’m sure I could clear
the MT requirements with Silver rated players.

Higher rated players just make things easier.

Fortunately for me, I pulled a few things from my Early Tip-Off packs, shown above. heh


If there’s anything to consider, with help from 2KMTCentral (pictured above),
I’d look at the following:

  • An athletic Guard

Makes running “Pick n Roll” plays easier. If the screen can’t get open, you might
find yourself an open lane to score/draw foul.

Think players like Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Dennis Schroder, etc.

  • Wing player(s) that can shoot 3s

If the opposing team chooses to defend the paint, you’re going to need a player or two,
to kick out to for long range buckets.

Think players like Kevin Durant, Chandler Parsons, Mike Dunleavy, etc.

  • A post scorer

You won’t be able to Pick n Roll all the time. This player might even be your first option
for scoring as post scoring nets you a large amount of MT.

Think players like Demarcus Cousins, Dirk Nowitzki, Al Jefferson, etc.

The rest of my lineup is personal preference.

General Strategy

NBA 2K17_20160920162429

As you might have guessed from my lineup structure, I make strong use of both Pick n Roll and Post play.

The idea is to net as much MT “combos” as you can through scoring assisted points.

Pick n Roll and quick Post play can provide opportunities to score from assists, and more.

NBA 2K17_20160920212925

In combination with efficient use of PnR and Post Scoring, I’d suggest the following:

  • Keep aware of the MT bonuses

Keeping a high Field Goal, 3 Pointer and Free Throw percentage is key to clearing the MT requirements.

Best way to keep track of this is to refer to the Team Comparison (pictured above)
during the game.

I’ve missed a few MT requirements because I didn’t shoot the minimum amount of 3PTs or FTs to net a bonus towards my final MT count…

So, make sure you shoot a minimum of 5 3PTs and 10 FTs! Trust me!

  • Try to score from (good) passes only

As mentioned earlier, assisted buckets provide additional MT versus scoring
from long isolation plays.

Those single digit MT bonuses will add up if you continuously score from an assist.
Especially if it’s the result of an alley-oop from a PnR play, quick Post feed or
off a Fast Break.

However, you might not get the opportunity to pass to an open man, so if you are stuck with the ball, you might want to fill the minimum stats mentioned earlier.

  • Play Good Defense

This might depend on how good of a player you are, but it’s pretty self explanatory.

Make an effort to contest every shot, steal from passing lanes, and grab as many rebounds as possible. Like scoring assisted buckets, playing good defense will add to your MT tally.

If I’m not mistaken you now receive a bonus for stopping your opponent’s Fast Break and contesting your opponent’s scoring attempts successfully. Thanks 2K.

  • Think critically!

If you feel things are getting harder during the Domination grind, think about what might be the cause.

You might be having trouble running the PnR correctly.

Try set your AI controlled teammates to “Space the Floor”. Maybe try set a screen
with a different player on the floor, or don’t PnR at all and try something else.

Maybe it’s your current lineup. The pulls from your Domination rewards weren’t that great.

Spend your MT on a better player in the Auction House. Use 2KMTCentral if you have to.

Always think critically.

If you follow all of the above, you should be able to net 1000+ MT, clearing Domination –
with the greatest of ease.

Historic Domination?

NBA 2K17_20160920212925

After Dominating 33 teams from NBA’s current roster, along with an Amethyst Player reward, you will unlock the ability to play another 33 NBA Teams, made predominantly of popular NBA teams of the past.

Does the strategy change? Not really.

NBA 2K17_20160920212925

If anything, you would have compiled a team of Gold or higher rated players, making things easier than they were from the time you played the current Lakers team.

See the lineup I used to complete Domination above. Not a dollar spent on coins.
Mostly Domination pulls with some from working the Auction House.

I’ve yet to complete Historic Domination, but I’ve swept through the first handful of teams with ease, and can’t imagine it getting harder.

If it does, I’ll let you know. heh.

– Dustin

NBA 2K17



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