OzHadou Nationals 14


OzHadou Nationals.

Australia’s longest running national fighting game tournament.

Somewhat of a last minute decision, I made the effort to attend and compete at OHN,
this past weekend.

With Daigo Umehara, Itabashi Zangief and many other international players coming
for the Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Points at OHN, I thought,
why not bless them with my presence? Hah.


For many, major fighting game tournaments give players an excuse to come together,
enjoying both the games and the company of fellow fighting game players.

My excuse? An opportunity to test myself against both local competitors and the foreign “invaders”.

Out of the handful of foreigners, I only managed to play Itabashi Zangief in casual play, and Humanbomb in tournament pool play.


I learnt a lot, especially against Itabashi Zangief.

The depths to that man’s gameplay…

I remember having a cheeky grin on my face prior to our games, until he SPD’d me several times over.

I made sure to take in whatever I could in the handful of matches versus the Zangief specialist.

Funnily enough, my favourite take away from it all would be realizing that, despite
the greatness behind these eSport “icons”, they are still very much “human”. Beatable.

…and sadly, so am I. Heh…

I made it to Loser Quarters in both Street Fighter V pools, and the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 bracket, before being knocked into spectator mode.

33rd overall in SFV.
7th overall in UMvC3.

(s/o to SFG’s David getting 3rd in UMvC3 – see video)

I’m not overly bummed about my results. I actually get amped up thinking about it.
Can’t wait to play in whatever tournament comes around next.

I ended up spending the remainder of OHN playing plenty of casuals, watching SFV finals and taking photos of course!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good thing I made the decision to attend OHN. Worth…

Now to catch up on some lost sleep!

(Trust me – as fun as tournaments are, it can get very exhausting…)

– Dustin

OzHadou Nationals
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