Pokémon GO – Being a Trainer in Sydney


2 weeks deep in Pokémon GO…

Why not share my current trainer experience and favourite spots to catch Pokémon?

With a couple weeks of experience, partying up with friends and use of “tools” such as Ingress or Pokévision, I’ve developed my own understanding of locating various kinds of Pokémon.

Starting Local

Living in Campbelltown in South-Western Sydney, I’ve spent the first week catching most of my Pokémon here.

You’ll catch the majority of trainers hanging around either Park Central or either end of Queen Street.

A handful of Pokéstops at each, with Lures active for the majority of the day.

With the exception of Eevee hordes, the variety of Pokémon doesn’t get much better than Pidgeys, Zubats and Rattatas. If you’re cool to stick around long enough or get there at the right time, like anywhere else, something rare might pop up.

This also applies to Bigge Park in Liverpool and John Street in Cabramatta, from my experience at said locations.

Nearby Farm Locations

Bradbury Apex Park – Drowzee
Koshigaya Park – Magnemite, Jynx

Venturing South

Thanks both to Pokémon GO and social media, I found myself going 60kms south of Campbelltown to Wollongong.

Famous for being a coastal city, I thought I’d go with some friends to catch some Pokémon at a more scenic location.

Wollongong Head Lighthouse was where we had situated ourselves, along with a large number of other trainers, taking advantage of the few lures overlapping each other.

The variety of Pokémon was much better than what Campbelltown provided.

All kinds, from an Onix and Weezing the moment I had stepped out of my car, to waves of Electric Pokémon such as Voltorb and Pikachu as we set up shop under the lures.

There was a moment when Lapras had appeared nearby, but the 3-step “glitch” recently took place. All of the trainers scrambled around the place until a group yelled out from the exact location. Catch of the day.

The café south of the lighthouse, Levendi, is also popular for the amount of Pokéstops nearby, but we couldn’t move ourselves due to the amount of Pokémon that would spawn at the lighthouse…

Sydney’s Safari Zone


A lot; more or less a few hundred of trainers, daily, have taken over Peg Paterson Park
in Rhodes.

Currently Sydney’s “mecca” for catching rare Pokémon.
Other than IKEA, I’d never considered travelling to Rhodes but…

With a group of friends, I joined hundreds of trainers under 3 closely placed Pokéstops, to catch whatever the Lure Modules attracted.

Lots of starters were caught while the Lures were active, but it was the rares that had everyone going wild.

Gengar, Jynx, Tentacruel, Lapras, Arcanine and to top of the couple of hours we were there, a Charizard had everyone screaming.

Explains why the local council have attempted to contact Niantic in order to remove the Pokéstops.

Unfortunately for me, Charizard ran away.
I’ve visited Rhodes a couple times since, and still no Charizard. Sad.

Nearby Farm Locations

Sydney Olympic Park – Growlithe, Vulpix


According to many, you will find more Pokémon in high foot traffic areas.

Sydney’s CBD is an obvious location to visit as a Pokémon trainer.

From Chinatown, Town Hall, Hyde Park, Circular Quay to Sydney Opera House, you will find all kinds of trainers out for all kinds of Pokémon.

There have been more than a few sightings of Dragonite at both Chinatown and Hydepark.

A couple of Lapras, Vaporeon and Gyarados sightings towards Circular Quay and Sydney Opera House. Plenty of Magikarp to catch if you haven’t caught Gyarados already.

Did I mention that virtually every corner in the CBD is a Pokéstop? Lures aplenty.

You really can’t go wrong with the CBD – even better if you work/study there.

Nearby Farm Locations

Mrs Macquarie’s Point – Electabuzz, Pikachu
Broadway – Voltorb

Anywhere else?

I’ve heard things about Redfern Park being a Dratini spot and Parramatta River being a Magikarp spot, so I might consider checking those places out amongst others…

Until then, the road to Level 40…



  • Peg Paterson Park in Rhodes is jam packed with both people and rare Pokémon
  • Above can be said for Sydney’s CBD
  • Wollongong is pretty good too
  • South-Western Sydney is not very good

Share your favourite Pokémon GO spots or finds in the comments section below
and/or with our social media accounts if you prefer!

– Dustin


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