The Icons of Need for Speed


From what is understood of the upcoming Need for Speed game, to help create a mark within the in-game NFS universe, we can find a group of automotive experts for their assistance – otherwise known as “Icons”.

Funnily enough, these “Icons” are not fictional characters of the NFS universe.

They are actually a group of real-world individuals are held in high regard to those that follow today’s automotive culture.

Having strong interest in all things automotive, I thought I’d share my understanding of each icon you might come across, in the NFS universe, once the opportunity comes in less than a week from now.

Akira Nakai

BUILD Icon and personal Porsche 930, “Stella Artois”

Originally a member of the “Rough World” drift crew in Japan, things started for him owning a fine example of Japan’s classic hero car, an AE86.

Fast forward to present day, he is considered a Japanese grandmaster of car modification, working almost exclusively on Porsche 911s.

Over the last couple of decades, he has continuously produced wild visuals, with an almost artistic approach to his clients Porsche automobiles across the globe, all of which are given wide bodykits, wheels of extreme offset and some pretty unique names if I must say.

Giving thanks to the popular use of social media and more, The work of Nakai-san has skyrocketed himself into worldwide fame amongst automotive culture.

Following the BUILD Icon of NFS, I’m crossing my fingers the level of personalization that comes with enjoying the vehicles provided allow us to build something as iconic as what you would find under the RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff) mogul.

Ken Block

STYLE Icon and his Gymkhana-spec Ford Fiesta ST

After achieving great success in starting up, and still running, extreme sports apparel company DC Shoes, Ken Block took on the dream of racing in the motorsport of rally.

He, again, found success making a career out of being a rally driver, from the 2005 onwards, reaching the highest level of professional rally motorsport, the World Rally Championship.

Taking both his marketing expertise and motorsport skill, he curated a series of videos, showcasing what I would describe as the most crafty and extreme automotive activity captured on camera, now circulated between 100s of millions internet users – and counting.

Much like the STYLE Icon of NFS, I’m looking for to sharing similar automotive activity with the NFS universe, following the viral success of Mr. Block.

Magnus Walker

SPEED Icon amongst his collection of Porsches

After a string of business ventures including a clothing business and owning a hot spot for a film location, Walker managed to pursue his childhood dream of owning a Porsche or two…

Overtime, he has acquired and restored many Porsche 911s, together a collection that put him in automotive spotlight, thanks to a documentary surrounding his Porsche obsession – Urban Outlaw.

Being the SPEED Icon of NFS, he spends an equal amount of time behind the wheel as he does managing his collection, having a history of pushing both past and current rides. From acquiring speeding tickets to setting times at Laguna Seca, I’m sure result in moments of pleasure at high speed – something to emulate in NFS.

Morohoshi Shinichi

OUTLAW Icon and personal Lamborghini Diablo pictured at Japan’s Daikoku Futo

Morohoshi-san, a very low-key character based on appearance, is a member of the Tokyo underworld who shares little to no care for those that oppose his automotive interests.

Thanks to the company of Bosozoku (bike gangs), who share the same automotive principles, he illuminates the roads of Tokyo in a shiny Lamborghini Diablo SV, without care for the eardrums of those that share the asphalt.

The OUTLAW Icon of NFS, loud in more ways than one, he is a character that is now heard across the world. As unique as both himself and his Lamborghini is, I imagine many others that will enter the NFS universe will attempt to “one-up” the outlaw that is Morohoshi-san.

Risky Devil

A group of cars belonging to CREW Icon, Risky Devil

Similar to what you might find at midnight in popular mountain passes in Japan, you might find the Risky Devil crew spending the night carving up the streets of Chicago.

Since the late ’00s to present, the Chicago natives have developed an internet following, sharing their idea of fun, capturing a strong sense of style each crew car possesses – whether it’s hardparked or sideways.

Collectively, as the CREW Icon of NFS, they evoke an in-your-face approach to enjoying their cars and the company that comes with it. I imagine users will be able to start a crew of our own in NFS to rival the Blood Red “Risky Devil” Crew.


Assuming you managed to get through all of the above, I hope you have a better understanding of the NFS Icons and I look forward to seeing you all on Need for Speed, releasing only days from now on November 5th!

– Dustin

***All image and video credit go out to Need for SpeedSpeedhunters, Luke Huxham/Maiham Media, Tamir Moscovici and Will Roegge***


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